Motorola W231

Motorola W231

Motorola which has always been one of the pioneers in mobile services is one such company which is always innovating, reinventing, improving their products; Motorola was the first to launch products like dual band, triband & quad band handsets & the flip top mobile phone. Keeping up with the market, Motorola keeps on improvising on its previous products and producing new ones

Motorola w231

Motorola w231

Phone Motorola W231 Manufacturer Motorola Status Coming Soon Available in India .Price (Indian Rupees) Expected Price:Rs.4000

Place : Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Price (USD) Expected Price: $82.3 approx
Description Motorola W231 stores all your music and photos on a 2GB micro SD card. the FM Radio plays in stereo speakers. You can talk even in the noisiest environments with Crystal Talk

Motorola W231 Specifications

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Technology / Frequency Bands GSM : 900/1800 MHz


Type Li – Ion
Capacity mAh
Standby 310 hours
Talktime 568 mins


Dimensions 108x44x14.9 mm
Weight 78 g
Antenna Type Internal
Form Factor bar
Colors Red


Size 128 x 128 pixels
Type color : TFT
Colors 65536 colors

Camera / Imaging / Video

Camera No


Pc Sync yes
USB yes


Data Modes GPRS
Internet Browsing WAP 2.0 , Open wave 6.3


Audio Playback Yes
Audio Formats MP3 / Midi Tones
Ring tones Down loadable polyphonic, MP3 ring tones
FM Radio Yes


Inbuilt 1 MB
Memory Slot Yes micro SD/Trans Flash Expandable Up to : 2 GB
Phone Book Capacity : 500


Email No Protocols : No

Calling / Voice

Voice Recording yes
Vibration yes
Speaker yes


Java MIDP 2.0
Games yes

Motorola W231 stores all your music and photos on a 2GB micro SD card. the FM Radio plays in stereo speakers and  FM transmitter, a 3.5mm headset

. You can talk even in the noisiest environments with Crystal Talk.

Motorola W230

Motorola W230

Motorola mobile phone was finally introduced in 1973 when the Motorola had the first expression of its first mobile. And for the record at the back the scenes events, the first Motorola mobile phone deals were in fact operated using radio technology and computer technology. From then on, Motorola mobile phone deals have gone smaller and smaller and more stylish and innovative until it reached our present age group.Phone Motorola W230 Manufacturer Motorola Status Available in India. Current Market Price:Rs. 2000 only
Place : Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Price $41.151 approx
Last Updated On: September 25/ 2010

Motorola W230

Motorola W230

The Motorola W230 has 1.61” 128 x 128 color screen, 10 hours of talk time, and the Crystal Talk audio technology. It also facial appearance support for (English+Hindi), as well as seven dissimilar African languages. Phones from Motorola are light weight, so this one is too. But apart from this general feature, there are other features also. It has got all to stay linked GSM which runs on four frequencies 900, and 1800 giving you actually good connectivity.Motorola W230 GPRS is Class 10 with WAP 2.1 of dual stack browser. The USB is 1.1. It gives you a bend chit talk time of 10 hours. It can pack 500 text messages at a time and phone contacts. Motorola W230 850 Band also offers Hingis as of its prognostic text input.

For good quality of sound it has the Motorola Crystal Talk Technology which enhances the phone call quality by reducing the background noises. The Motorola W230 display of the mobile phone is really cool. With sleek and clear display, you can take pleasure in the interpretation and messages which are displayed on the screen. Messaging can be done through SMS, EMS, MMS and SMS Chat. The color display of Motorola W230 is purely unbelievable giving the most excellent features of all the rainbow colors on the display screen.

Motorola W181

About Motorola W181

Motorola is a very old company who has been approximately to see changes from a variety of types of pagers to mobile phones. With Motorola mobile phones you can be sure you have the best that money can buy and all products are backed by the Motorola superiority declaration guarantee. As a leader in the electronics industry as a whole, Motorola knows how to be pioneering and has always moved onward with new products.

Motorola W181

Phone Motorola W181 Manufacturer Motorola Status Available in India Yes Price (Indian Rupees) Current Market Price: Rs. 1540
Last Updated On: September 25 2010
Place: Chennai Delhi Kolkata Mumbai Price (USD) $31.69 approx explanation Basic phone with color display , SMS and calling

Facilities this handsets

Motorola is well-known with its “crystal clear talk” technology; whereby customer is advantaged with clear and continuous talks even in a loud environment.

Motorola W181

Motorola W181

Motorola W181 is a sleek licorice and genuine blue candy bar phone with chrome navigation wheel. It is an entrance level mobile phone with the basic functions of phone and entertainment. The price and functions compute with each other’s supplies. Company has given a smooth and fashionable lively look to the handset to give its customer all the needed functions operational in style.

For those who pay an extra notice to its size, Motorola W181 has size of 110x45x15mm and weighs only 80g while carrying. This slim looking W181 provides almost all the tools related to communication and enhances customer to stay in touch with style.

Motorola W181 is equipped with large color display screen and state of the art keypad enabling its customers to enjoy presentation on the display screen. The consumer feels great even while scrolling through the navigation keys.

One of the best functions installed in this mobile phone is its one key right of entry to SMS. This means user doesn’t have to go after a long path to trail messages. In its place messages are made obtainable just by the click of a single key. This entrance level advanced handset has a facility of enormous storage space in terms of text storage. Large storage space also contributes to the large get in touch with data storage.

An instinctive user border enables typing even English prognostic text to express the desired message in combined language of Hindi and English both. This adaptable handset also covering seven African languages for all menu content.

Motorola W181 Mobile Phone is facilitated by office excellence speaker phone to make it less audible for people nearby. Unwind in your free time by change on to FM Radio to listen to your preferred music, hands free. Enjoy heavy with music and make it less annoying. Set your Motorola W181 ring tone with 20 preloaded 32 channel polyphonic ring tones and 15 normal alert ring tones with an extra capability of setting different ringtones for different contacts.

Top 10 QWERTY Mobile Handsets

Top 10 QWERTY Mobiles

Top 10 QWERTY Mobiles The slide torch handset from BlackBerry traits a useful, covered [QWERTY] keyboard for rapid [text entry]. It’s also enormous for community networking and presents the excellent [email] skill for which Black Berrys are well-known. The (BlackBerry Curve 8520) is less a mobile handset and more of a next-generation connections gadget. And it’s find on-the-go amusement enclosed and abundance of involved memory, too. The [BlackBerry Bold 9700 Onyx] is a highly modified mobile handset with a veer of immense statement alternatives. Plus it presents swift (web access, a superb 3.2 megapixel camera and a QWERTY keyboard).

Top 10 QWERTY Mobile Phones

Top 10 QWERTY Mobile Phones

The [touch screen operated N97] is nonentity short of astonishing. Not simply does it set in a [slide-out QWERTY keyboard], but it presents enormous extent for customization and a immense [five megapixel camera], too. Communal system on the shift is a gust with the [Samsung Genio Slide]. And with its huge [2.8-inch touch screen] and [three megapixel camera], it’s simple to exploit and is great for taking fun shatters. As per my reviews, Nokia N97 is the best choice for any person looking for QWERTY keypad mobile phone and with it; you can get the brand name of Nokia as well as the unique battery support.

Micromax Q1 -The Advanced Phone with low Budget

Micromax Q1

Micromax Q1 The new commence of Micromax Q1 has drive out the mind of the community who take contentment in keeping the approach at their part of livelihood. This Micromax Q1 has an immense list of the traits that are respected by the cell phone lovers. This Micromax Q1 is the finest deal and is the mainly gainful buy. The mobile handset has a [QWERTY keypad] and ideal cease. This is a trendy phone which has a glossy and shiny finish. This Micromax Q1 handset has the measurement of [111.2 x 61.2 x 13 mm]. The [QWERTY keypad] of the mobile handset is highly elegant and cuddled with the elastic and [five way navigation keys]. This keypad presents the consumer with the (user affiliated input). This mobile handset swanks of the (TFT display screen). This (TFT display screen) has the motion of [220 x 176 pixels].

Micromax Q1

Micromax Q1

The multimedia qualities of this marvelous handset of Micromax Q1 are taking up a [FM Radio, music player and a video player]. The handset is most excellent suitable to the people who are enthusiastic to the songs in their free time. This is well coordinated to the mobile consumers who take delight from the melody in their [MP3, AMR, WAV, MIDI formats]. This Micromax Q1 handset offers the consumers with the trip mode and the [playback]. This mobile handset is embedded with the [3.7 V] and [1000 mAh battery] that supply its customers with the [talk time of three hours]. Micromax Q1 has a reserve time of [120 hours].

This model commenced by [Micromax] has an ingrained [GPRS and WAP permit software]. This developed the trustworthiness and programmes of the phone. The [SMS and MMS facilities] are built-in in this [Micromax touchtone handset]. This put together the traits. Micromax Q1 has an elegant manifestation and is sensibly costed. This mobile phone approaches with a number of the most consumer friendly purposes, which craft this mobile handset a premium and most coordinated member for the populace who are value alert. The price of this diligent handset of Micromax Q1 is Rs 1,425 only

Newly Launched Micromax X510 with Superior Qualities

Micromax X510

Micromax X510 The newest introduced Micromax X510 is the genuine pleasing looking handset that has been planned giving well balanced sizes. It has got the exhibit of approximately [2.8 inches] that demonstrates all in the motion around [240x400 pixels]. While the height, breadth & width of the handset are reserved [110.2mm, 55mm & 14.75mm] correspondingly having the entirety group heaviness of [103 Gms]. The new Micromax X510 has got the constructed in numerous set-up sustained [media player] as well that would certainly bring the grand thud out and permit you to [playback] all your preferred (audio & video track list). Whereas with the assist of specified [FM radio], you can grab your beloved Radio programme coming on any neighboring [FM radio station]. The Micromax X510 is good with the [camera] excellence as well, it approaches prepared with the [2.0 mega pixel camera] that not only snaps the pictures in excellent motion, permits you to witness (videos) as well in pretty inspiring excellence. So still if you are a large taking pictures freak, then too it’s leaving to do a huge job for you.

Micromax X510

Micromax X510

The fixed reminiscence holded by the lately unrestricted Micromax X510 is really not so enormous motionless you will obtain the liberty to amass limitless figure of phonebook associates and messages, furthermore you get the memory card hold up that you will be able to expand it up to [8GB] using [microSD type card], which means now you will have additional than sufficient memory capability where you will effortlessly be knowledgeable enough store unlimited number of (song tracks, applications etc). Battery backup is the one characteristic that surely stand the brand new noticeably ahead than other accessible phones under same category. As the handset comes encumbered with the good figure of highly graphical [games], so you will for sure have an shocking experience of gaming over it, in addition you will get the option to load more games too of your choice. [Good looking, Multi-codec supported media player, quality FM radio, 2 Megapixel camera, GPRS/WAP/Bluetooth spport, superb battery backup, affordable price].

The newest launched cell phone of Micromax is just stunning in looks that grasp the attention at very first sight, this new bar designed phone has got high resistive touch screen of [262k color display and colorful back panels]. It has two keys in the front and volume keys and music key on the sides of its keypad that is fitted at right place. The overall height, width & depth of all new Micromax [X510] are [110.2×55×14.75mm] and it weights approx [103.3 Gms] so on the whole the measurement make known that it is not very condensed cell phone. The new Micromax X510 is motorized with the typical [Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery] that offers you the greatest talk time battery backup of [8 hours] the length of with supply time up to [16 days], and you can listen music on [offline mode] in the cell phone for stretched time which is an supplementary improvement with the Micromax X510. The attractive Micromax X510 approaches with the elevated class amplifier cellular phone and [3.5mm audio jack port] that assists you out in take pleasure in live [FM radio] or talk [hands-free] in gem patent voice quality. This immensely regarded handset of Micromax X510 is obtainable in the market at the price of Rs 3,865 only

Micromax X260 with Advanced Enjoyment Tools

Micromax X260

Micromax X260 Micromax X260 is a (GSM) handset. It is a (Candy Bar) cell phone approaches with an immense catalog of tools. Micromax X260 cost is best and it is a huge purchase. Micromax X260 is a [Dual SIM GSM] mobile handset, prepared with a catalog of traits that is bound to captivate consumers. Micromax X260 measures [110 mm] in extent and weighs about [75 Gms]. It has a [microSD] kind of (memory card) which permits extendable memory of up to [2 GB]. Micromax X260 is entrenched with a [1300mAh] capability [Li-ion type battery] which offers a talk time of around [10hours] and a supply time of [20days].

Micromax X260

Micromax X260

Micromax X260 has [VGA type] exhibit and is prepared with [65K colors] with the (keypad) as the put in tool. The pursuit traits in this handset comprise (FM Radio, Music Player, Video Player, and video recording features). Micromax X260 sustains the (MP3, AMR, MIDI, and WAV) arrangements for tune. The [call management] aspects are improved by the occurrence of (speed dialing and conference calling options). Messaging traits embraces [SMS and MMS]. Integral (games and the dual SIM) attributes append to the plea of Micromax X260. It is is prepared with a list of important traits and the capabilities craft the handset a perfect purchase. Paper is an exclusive plan that authorizes you to place [animated themes] supported with (Flash animations, Java applets, Active X components and HTML pages) on your [Windows desktop]. The [software] comprises a device for making your individual [animated themes] also. You can employ the [themes] either to purely complete the task in this Micromax X260 mobile phone.

Take your brain to the subsequently step of growth playing the mainly eye-catching (game) yet prepared. The arrangement of [11 themes] advantage the prospect of toting up [NEW FREE] subjects makes (Brain Power) an exclusive amusement practice. The (music, the sounds, the graphics, the themes) are all completed to surround the performer. [Animated Desktop] is an exclusive curriculum that permits you to set [animated themes], supported with [Flash animations, Java applets, Active X components and HTML] pages onto your Windows desktop. The [software] embraces an apparatus for crafting your individual [animated themes]. These are some of the immensely solid features of this handset. So, don’t waste your time. Just go and have a Micromax X260 handset at the price of Rs 2,493 only

Micromax X111 Within Your Budget

Micromax X111

Micromax X111 Micromax X111 has dampen defiant Marble (keypad) and accessible in [two colors] only (silver) and (golden). It has standard traits, [65K Color] with [CSTN 128*128 Pixels]  exhibit, [5 way navigation key], [FM Radio], [calculator], [alarm] with integral memory of [32MB]. This Micromax cell phone price is quite reasonable. Micromax [X111] is a (GSM) handset. Micromax X111, a [Candy Bar] cell phone approaches with an immense list of features. Micromax X111 cost is most favorable and it is a huge purchase.

Micromax X111

Micromax X111

The Micromax X111 is a low account present from (Micromax) with an innovative orientation. Main features of the Micromax X111 contain a good-looking [color screen], [stereo FM radio], [water resistant marble keypad], [hands free set], and immense appearance. The Micromax X111 is an only [SIM GSM] handset functioning at the [900/1800 bandwidths]. The [3.5 cm] extensive [color display screen] of the Micromax X111 exhibits pictures at a motion of [128 X 128 pixels] and at [65K colors]. The Micromax X111 has further usual traits like [calculator, alarm etc]. The [Lithium ion battery] is of [480mAh] and offers a (talk-time) of up to [1.5 hr] and support time of up to [96 hrs]. The inner memory is a big [32 mb] and can amass a fine number of [phone book entries] and [SMS]. The Micromax X111 is [GPRS enabled] and has (polyphonic ringtones). The Micromax X111 transport with (Transceiver, Charger, Battery, Hands-free, User Guide, Service Guide and Warranty Card). A checklist of the tools of the Micromax X111 is given with this handset.

Micromax has commenced a really low cost fundamental phone, Micromax X111. It is a block technique only [SIM] cell phone highlighted cell phone and weighs just [69 grams]. The only excellent thing concerning this handset is its memorable appearance. This [GSM] phone has obtained [32 MB internal memory]. Micromax X111 has a number of thrilling and [FM radio] for amusement reason. To append to its superior appearance, it has different beautiful (screen savers) and (themes). The cost of this fundamental phone as Micromax X111 is just Rs 1,650

Micromax W900- A Crucial Smart Phone from Micromax

Micromax W900

Micromax W900 The innovative Micromax W900 is a [touch screen] cell phone with striking characteristics like [2.0 Mega pixel CMOS camera],[ Bluetooth], [Wi-fi], [3.5mm Audio Jack], [Multi Format Music Player, in-built GPS, pre-loaded Windows mobile OS] and [Video Player].

Miocromax W900

Miocromax W900

Micromax has commenced a new cell phone, Micromax W900. Micromax [W900] traits a [3.2-inch Touch screen display], [built-in GPS with Map My India maps]. The innovative Micromax W900 cell phone also has [Wi-Fi, 3.5mm audio jack, and pre-loaded Windows mobile OS]. Micromax W900 has [3.2″ Touch screen with handwriting recognition, Windows Mobile 6.1, Wi-Fi, GPS with integrated Map my India MAPS, Stereo FM Radio] and many more advanced features. Micromax W900 is a (Quad Band, GSM, 3.2″ 262K Color WQVGA Screen Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1) specialized Mobile handset. Multimedia traits comprise [2.0 MP CMOS Camera with Flash Light, Video Player and MP3 Player]. (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and EGPRS) are the Wireless Connectivity alternatives. Outside Memory can be prolonged up to [16 GB] with [microSD card Support]. (Games, GPS, Motion Sensor and 3.5 MM Jack) are the additional traits entrenched.

This is the Micromax`s opening phone based on [Windows] and one must declare that they have done extraordinary job. Its [3.2-inch touch screen] creates an admirable appearance, fairly alike to [Nokia 5800]. Furthermore, it approaches with script gratitude also. Micromax W900 is definitely one of those handsets that you are waiting for. This [touch screen] handset presents a massive amount of traits like [Wi-Fi, Camera, and MP3 player] in a extremely reasonably priced at Rs 7,570 only. The phone doesn’t let you down as much as its looks are apprehensive. Micromax W900 absolutely appears to be a good quality haggle. If you desire a superior [touch screen] handset at a reasonable price, then you can go for Micromax W900

Micromax Q7 Mobile- The Ultimate Style Statement

Micromax Q7

Micromax Q7 The Micromax Q7 is a (dual sim GSM) mobile handset. It is benedicted with all essential characteristics like (2 mega pixel camera) which sturdily make a plea towards this mobile phone. It maintains a variety of [music player formats] like (MP3, AMR, MIDI, and WAV). Micromax Q7 has (stereo FM Radio, Audio Player) with excellent voice quality, [Bluetooth, pre-loaded Opera Mini Browser] with full [QWERTY keypad] and a [Trackball]. It also offers the [EDGE/GSM 900/1800MHz] and [Nimbuzz]. It is supportive in [social marketing] by which you can continuously linked with your associates and relatives. Micromax Q7 has an in-built memory of about [78 MB] and can be prolonged to up to [8 GB] by using a [micro SD card]. When we speak about its appearance; it’s fairly gorgeous and has the remarkable grouping of [silver] and [black color]. Micromax Q7 has the screen display of [5.6 cm] broad and [262 K colors]. The newest Micromax Q7 cell phones are obtainable at the cost of [Rs. 5,000 (approx)] in Indian markets. It is a little price mobile handset with every characteristics. Micromax Q7 cell phone has all sturdy [multimedia specifications]. Micromax is the fast rising mobile phone manufacturing group which is trying to set up its solid foots in the cell phone marketplace. The [touchtone phones] shaped by this company have several enormous and excellent utilities. The appearances of the mobile handset which are commenced by this group have a shiny and glossy look.

Micromax Q7

Micromax Q7

Micromax Q7 is the newest and stylish handset which is newly commenced by this group. The form is improved by the [QWERTY keypad]. If you are one of the public who are captivated to remain the trendy [touchtone] cell phone at your [side pocket], then this is the most excellent phone that can provide you with your function. The improved appearance of Micromax Q7 is the foremost thing that catches the people in the direction of it. The block approach of this handset is respected by the cell phone fans. If you are [GSM ban consumer then you can with no trouble, spend your cash for this mobile phone. This [model] commenced by [Micromax] is rewarded in [two colors]. Micromax Q7 is there at the market in [Silver] and [Black]. The exhibit display of this phone is [VGA]. This mobile is improved with the trackball which offers the users with an easy navigation. You can say that this cell phone is encouraged by the [Blackberry Smart Phones]. Micromax Q7 is a less weighted phone that has several grand traits to draw the people at the very primary view. This phone has a [two megapixel camera]. This is fairly low down in the contrast with the new and efficient principles of the market. You can confine some grand images with the camera of this phone and make your time eternal. The image superiority of this Micromax Q7 phone is extremely first-class and shapes a striking characteristic for the mobile handsets. The phone is commenced with a [stereo FM Radio]. This informs an immense optimistic trait for all cell phone consumers in the Indian marketplace. Besides this the phone accesses the [Bluetooth] that approaches with [A2DP]. The [software] of this phone is improved with the [JAVA games].

Many frills like the display guards, skin cases can improve the tasks of this phone. The employ of the skin cases will shield your mobile from any outside injure. These take bags will remain your mobile handset safe. On the other hand the display guards will defend your display from grazes without burdening the visibility. In general the recital of this [dual sim GSM] mobile handset is high-quality. Hence the cell phone has nothing particular stipulations but it is not less than the any other exclusive cellular phones. Micromax Q7 cell phone has [262K display] Color [QVGA Screen 5.6 cms] where as [Karbonn k25] has [2.3 Inches display screen] with [QVGA 65K Colors]. Both have the soft [QWERTY keypad] but Micromax Q7 as well has a [track ball]. They have [2 mega pixel cameras with digital zoom, FM radio and Audio player with various formats such as MP3 / MIDI / AMR / WAV, Video player: 3GP, Bluetooth, GPRS]. At this era when, every person desires to be keeping on linked with the world (24*7). To continue this insists of current day, (human resource, technology) is offering them Micromax mobile phones like Micromax Q7 at the price of Rs 4,697 only